Conway Arena is confident that you will find our Learn to Skate USA Basic Skills program to be a fun and encouraging skating experience. Each skater will develop their own individual coordination and balance skills as well as learn the correct techniques of skating during the course of the session. Coaches are certified by the Professional Skaters Association as well as Learn to Skate USA! A must for your aspiring hockey player, recreational skater or future figure skater.

Program Details:

  • Pre Registration is required for all classes
  • Parents do not participate on the ice with their children.
  • NEW* Children must be age 4 or have skating skills of Snowplow 2 or higher.
  • Price includes Rental Skates each week. Hockey and Figure Skates available.
  • Most Session are 8 weeks, few are 7 weeks (pro rated)
  • Please equip your skater with a helmet, long pants and gloves each week for class.


Spring Session 5  Enrollment open- Cost $120 for 7 week session

Wednesday 5:20pm-6:00pm 5/3/23-6/14/23 Age 4 and up- Basic & Freeskate Levels SOLDOUT
Thursday 5:20pm-6:00pm 5/4/23-6/15/23 Age 4 and up Basic 1-5 & Hockey Skills Wait list
Saturdays 9:30am-10:10am 5/6/23-6/17/23 Age 4 and up – Basic & Freeskate Levels Wait list
Saturdays 10:20am-11:00am 5/6/23-6/17/23 Age 4 and up Basic 1-5 & Hockey Skills Waitlist

Summer Session  8 weeks

Wednesday 5:20pm-6:00pm 7/12/23-8/30/23 Age 4 and up- Basic & Freeskate Levels
Wednesday 6:10pm-6:50pm 7/12/23-8/30/23 Age 4 and up Basic 1-5 & Hockey Skills



New to our Learn to Skate Program? Here are some tips to get you started:

On the first day of class, please check in at the front desk to receive your class and coach assignment.  Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early to allow time for check in.
Skate rentals are included in your registration fee and the front desk staff will assist you with getting the right pair of skates.  We recommend beginner skaters start out with figure skates.  You are welcome to use your own skates as well, but please make sure they are sharpened.  Sharpening can be done in our Pro-Shop.
We require the use of helmets during class for all beginning skaters.  Please bring your own helmet.  Any type of helmet – bike, ski, etc. – is acceptable.
No matter what the temperature is outside, the rink stays fairly chilly. We recommend layers and either gloves or mittens.  During the summer months don’t forget to pack a pair of socks!
Parents do NOT join their children on the ice, but are welcome to watch lessons from the stands or from the lobby.
It is very common for participants to go through a level a few times before passing.  Having a strong foundation to grow is more important than moving through the levels quickly.
Make up classes are not available at this time.




Snowplow Sam is a 4-level introductory program that consists of preliminary skills for children ages 3-6 or for the skater not yet ready for the Basic Skills program.  Skaters participate in a group setting and are encouraged to progress at their own unique developmental rate.  Helmets are strongly recommended. 30 minutes of instruction.


This program consists of 6 levels which include elements that are the fundamentals for the sport of Hockey, Speed Skating, Figure Skating, and recreational Skating.  Each level of the Basic Skills program contains different skill elements that must be mastered before advancing to the next level.  Upon completion of this program, skaters will have gained the ability to skate forward and backward efficiently, stop and turn, as well as perform crossovers and other footwork with a fair amount of speed and agility.  Basic Skills graduates are safe, confident skates, who are ready to further pursue their interest in Hockey or Figure Skating.  “Introduction to Figure Skating” classes are offered to the skater who would like to continue to learn new skills. Helmets are strongly recommended for young and new skaters. 40 minutes of instruction.



For the Hockey Player.  Introduction of skating drills with emphasis on edging, balance, pressure on edges, and body alignment.  The skater will work on beginning techniques in forward & backward skating, power turns, pivots, stops/starts, and transition movements.  Classes will be broken up into skill levels.  Skaters have passed Basic Skills level 2 or have the equivalent skills to be successful in this class. Hockey stick & hockey equipment required.  40 minutes of instruction.


This program consists of 6 levels that are designed to introduce the skater to the elements of Figure Skating including jumps, spins, footwork, and edge drills.  Skaters must have passed level 6 of the Basic Skills Program  45 minutes instruction.

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