A fan favorite! Kids Pucks and Parents offers the opportunity for the beginning player to hop out on the ice with a guardian and practice their hockey skills. Perfect for the skater in Learn to Skate, or in Learn to Play Hockey.  A perfect space to do drills together and experience the game of hockey like never before! This is an unstructured, uncoached program.   Note: slap shots or shots above the knee are not allowed – young players have the right of way on the ice! Full equipment is recommended for players under age 12. Guardians can play with Hockey Helmet, Hockey Gloves and Hockey Skates.

SCHEDULE IS BASED ON AVAILABILITY.  Check on NO School days, Vacation weeks and Summer break!


BEGINNER Kids Pucks and Parents is NOT for the competitive youth hockey player.
-Those players are encouraged to look for either Youth Stick Practice or Advanced Kids Pucks & Parents. These programs are more common in the warmer months.

ADVANCED Kids Pucks and Parents are for those that are in Youth Hockey, ages 6-12

Purchase tickets:    Reservations are available online.

  • Select Purchase Admission  (top right)
  • Select Kids Pucks & Parents

Admission:  $10 per skater.  Parents/Guardians need their own ticket.


  • Helmets & Sticks are required for ALL players.
  • FULL hockey gear is strongly encouraged.
  • Nets and Pucks Provided


For the Safety of all patrons, Conway Arena reserves the Right to proctor the ice sessions to ensure the safety of all skaters.  Those that are too advanced, or not skilled enough, may be asked to leave the ice.  Refunds will be issued appropriately as needed.

View online store for most current availability.